About Priscilla Hudson

About Priscilla

Priscilla Hudson is a multi-dimensional real-life character born of Guatemalan Latin American parents who is lived in The Bahamas for a bit more than four decades, reborn to become two distinct cultures and languages intrinsically link to her writing.

Her inquisitive mind finds her in pursuit of understanding world history, human relationships, and behaviours to help her create life through the stories in her already written pages and those to come.

The complexities of life are experienced daily by everyone including Priscilla the writer who interprets the information acquired through general and personal sources and translates it into the written word however challenged by her ability and inability of description.

Those emotions, thoughts, memories, consequences, human experiences born inside the soul must be described, need to be given life through her writing into the reader’s imagination and soul. That is her ongoing challenge

In her writing her readers will find fictional and non-fictional categories while she explores her best genre

When not engaged at life with her family Priscilla finds herself in office work, her Bahamas real estate involvement and her personal Christian faith growth.

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Priscilla in Exuma The Bahamas

Priscilla in Exuma The Bahamas

You can easily reach me by email: priscilla@priscillahudson.com

Services Offered:

Reports, Legal, Commercial Documents Translations: English / Spanish, Creative writing translations, Article Proof Reading, Literary work translations

I have been blessed to have collaborated with people of different backgrounds in the past and look forward in having new opportunities

I am no stranger to the practice of real estate having spent some twenty four years working as a broker in this industry, full-time, and later part-time.

Learned to appreciate the value above other investments of what I like to call “a Hug-able asset.”

An asset that in time and care can increase nicely in value.   

A Real Estate Property builds equity providing the owner a place as a habitat or an attractive vehicle to generate other income. The art of marketing, communication, and negotiation is always involved


Worked in private banking preparing various types of documents and software media that involved commercial and legal language terms, general communications, presentations, and spreadsheets. Simple and more complex notes. 

I may help you with writing in Spanish or English with good understanding on themes based in The Bible 

Write me an email: priscilla@priscillahudson.com
Let me know how I may help you.


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