how to affiliate

Have you faced this question after searching online brings you hundreds even thousands in results?

You invest the time searching then reading through description after description, feature after feature, benefit after benefit, and perhaps go as far as writing the list of what you would get included in a service, a platform,

Only to feel more confused afterward


I know, I’ve been there

Ever since the internet was born to the public and the home computer arrived

And after spending a few thousands of wasted dollars

Nada, nothing, zilch

But Then

After your analysis process you decide on a plan

You say, “Let me try this one” and decide to start with the Basic plan, the affordable plan,

Then you realize that you’re going to need more bandwidth and disk space, more than one email account, more than one website with unlimited pages, SSL certification, high website speed, regular google indexing and site tracking, instant DNS, and now your basic plan has been left behind and what you need and want has doubled in price per month

Discouraged you take a break and walk away from your computer

Thinking, “why does it have to be so expensive to get into online business?”

All you want to do is get into selling products online 

Premium Membership also Includes:

  • JAAXY Keyword Research Platform Lite Account
  • Unlimited keyword research tool platform
  • Niche Keyword Research Analysis
  • Alphabet Soup Process
  • Brainstorm Process
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword List Manage

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What to do?

You try searching again, but this time your eyes get a hold of something call WEALTHY AFFILIATE and the word AFFILIATE especially open your curiosity to know more

And so, you read on about WEALTHY AFFILIATE

And the list of what is included is long

WEALTHY AFFILIATE is a community of some 300,000 marketers networking exchanging information building their online business supported by a platform created specially for their needs

An entrepreneur affiliate marketer interested in having a hands-on chance at trying the program can sign up for a STARTER membership account free for 1 month. PREMIUM Membership 2nd Month on is $49pr/mo. Or $359pr/year (subject to change without notice)

What’s Included with Premium? Here it goes:

  • Security Package
  • Live 24/7 Help and Website technical support
  • Premium Support
  • Pros Networking
  • Private Coaching
  • Website Builder
  • Training Help and Support
  • 10 Website Installations
  • 10 Own Domain Hosting
  • Matching email accounts
  • One Click WordPress Installations
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Amazon 4c Dual Server Class
  • Extreme Hosting Speed
  • Instant DNS
  • Automated Imagery Compression
  • High Resolution Imagery
  • Botnet Protection
  • Ddos Protection
  • Feedback/Comments Platform
  • 250,000 Monthly website visitors
  • Google Website Indexing
  • Site Rank Tracking
  • Duplicate Content Checker
  • 50 Core Certification Courses
  • Training Modules and Classrooms
  • Live Weekly Video Training
  • Access to Founders Pros
  • Community Networking
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Programs Search and Management
  • Affiliate Program 2x Commissions
  • Super Affiliate Incentive Program

The option is here no more going it alone, at WA you choose how much networking you do, training, asking for support is available for the asking

PREMIUM PLUS Membership Includes All in PREMIUM membership plus 50 websites, Unlimited Priority Support, All Levels Core Training, 200+ Expert Classes per year, $83.25/pr mo.

Plus, JAAXY ENTERPRISE All access to In Depth Research

Choose Your Plan Below

Disclaimer: This information is provided current to the time of publication, however prices and features are subject to change without notice


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