arrange your surroundings

Arrange Your Surroundings

It is not uncommon for experienced writers to travel to a different place and get away from their routine to stay focus and accomplish a project.

A change in scenery alone enhance imagination and freshens up the creative juices.

Environment and other factors influence creativity.

Open yourself to inspiration while making an evaluation of your current set up that will allow you good progress of your project.

What Are Your Surroundings Like

Are you sitting in the room where you’ll do your work and the neighbor’s dog’s constant bark filters loudly through your window?

Can you concentrate? Almost certainly, you cannot.

Are you perhaps working in a room where people are constantly in and out?

Is the telephone constantly ringing?

From these scenarios we can clearly see that while you may be able to get going with your work, you may not achieve it giving it your best effort while at the same time depriving yourself the enjoyment of the process.

Before you start, examine your surrounding area.

Make an assessment of what needs change, don’t underestimate the value of a simple rearranging of the furnishings, the lighting, the positioning of plants or flowers.

These can add a new angle to the room and improve functionality.

Make your space appealing to your senses.

Comfortable to the touch and fragrance full to your nose, like a freshly opened bag of grounded coffee, or genuine jazmine tea served hotly in an attractive pot.

Great views are welcome as long as these are not distracting.

Create the perfect setting with these suggestions:

The Sound of Music

While the quiet helps with concentration, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

The soft sound of music can bring to mind picture words that can contribute greatly to a story.

A poem, an article making the pen flow smoothly through paragraphs and sentences.

With an added benefit that it can alliviate any stress.

The Colour Palette

In your devices selecting the right colours is as easy as selecting an already programmed theme.

Often this is true when considering what color of paint to apply in the bedroom, the living room or the exercise room.

Pointing to the main purpose of a bedroom as a place to rest in comparison to an exercise room, a place of concentrated, energized physical activity.

Colours in the process of creativity play an important role in the visual aid.

Looking at what thoughts a colour yellow bring to mind or a turquoise blue, what sort of images these bring into your mind that can help your creative writing process.

It is also a point of consideration depending on the type of scene in your writing you want to achieve.

The Environment and it’s Temperature

Writing without a comfortable air conditioner in the summer heat can prove to be extremely uncomfortable to down right impossible.

Likewise it would be, trying to write with frozen fingers in the dead of winter without the comfort of a heater.

Two extreme examples that help visualize the need to find a comfortable temperature while going at being creative.

The Hues Of The Right Lighting

Do you work your keyboard well in a dimly lit room?

Does a bright 75W led light make you feel like the undeserving spot light?

Ask yourself in what lighting condition would you be most comfortable to begin creating.

When in an office environment the set up may dictate how the work is done following the company’s objective to complete its work with some room for individuality in a person’s own working space.

But in your own ideal and separate environment be as accommodating as possible to your creative self.

Setting up a very important aspect of your creativity as it relates to your own sight, making sure that while a dimly lit room may be more relaxing at the straining of your eyes, finding a reasonable level may prove wiser for your eyesight.

Being surrounded with a visually appealing, sound inviting, colour conducive, lighting reasonable, creative space will help inspire you accomplish your dream work become reality.

Priscilla Hudson

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