The Grass Withers The Flowers Fade, But

The Grass Withers And The Flowers Fade, But The Word Of Our God Stands Forever.
(Isaiah 40:8)

October 1, 2020

The grass withers the flowers

I heard a Christmas song from the Tele as I sat on my bed this evening, the delightful sounds of that well known tune stirred in me a sudden reflective longing.

September ends tonight, Autumn has arrived, its beautiful colours bring along a welcomed change in weather, and the fond memories of Seasons gone by not long ago of a way of life we used to have, and taken away by a global virus.

How much has changed since last Christmas. How much so many of us have lost. We would have never known only a year ago our lives would undergo enormous change.

The Scriptures are here to remind us that although changes come and go, His Word stands the test of time in the winter of our suffering, in the spring of our recovery, in the summer of our joy, in the vibrant hope in autumn.

Each season of our lives will inevitably bring us through high and lows, mountain tops and valleys, and the greatest guidance, strength, and light will only be found in His Word.

Priscilla Hudson

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