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RECENTLY I met this man who shared with me some insights about the online marketing business he spoke for almost two hours while I mostly listened

There were many thoughts going through my mind as I listened to him talk on a subject, I have been practically chasing for a few years now

One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was how much he appeared to know about the online business and another how well he mastered its marketing

Before he began our conversation, he suggested I may want to have pen and paper handy because he would be telling me some secrets and tips I may not want to forget

And so, I made sure to grab that pen and paper

And to make sure I was well prepared I also grabbed my newly acquired laptop

I felt as excited to begin as when I would sit to watch the first match of the soccer world cup games football as is more popularly known

You see one of the reasons for my excitement was because of the man I was having this conversation with he was not just anyone talking business with me, he was one who mastered the trade penetrating its many thick walls to earn millions

I was ready to listen and write down every word

He began by mentioning what I knew extremely well


He discovered the potential to make money online twenty years ago, the shiny object became his obsession as it has for thousands of want-to-be online entrepreneurs.

Not without foundation because the chase can be legitimate when calculated to the masses of internet users going back twenty years

So, he chased and invested in tools to learn and chased some more and invested some more……


The world wide web to him became the largest virtual real estate oasis where he kept running to only to realize a component was missing to complete a sales cycle

But determined to conquer the shiny object he would go back to the drawing board time after time trying to figure out how to connect all the dots in each component and then connect all the components to sail smoothly from beginning to end and make a sale


Frustrated he would glue himself on all the devices he could find or afford

His young wife worried living with an absent-minded professor who worked long hours into the night after coming home from a day’s job barely having normal conversations and uttering tech words she did not understand

Along the way their children were born and as life and job continued so did his determination to conquer the shiny object, more tools and knowledge acquired more sleepless nights still he pursued and persevered


By now the choice to pursue or quit was no longer his, he owed money and the household bills just kept mounting with the cycle of taking from Paul to pay peter becoming unbearable

Mortgage and credit card bills lurked constantly pressuring him to seek a second job …….

I understood what he was sharing with me extremely well thinking to myself I have been there too chasing that same object knowing about the frustrations and the sleepless nights and not connecting the components


It was not particularly simple when this thing with the internet started out, and so it was for a long time a trial-and-error process, tools were constantly changing software and hardware continually evolving, it was like a moving target with moving costs

Training programs also came and went leaving behind many perforated and empty pockets and those who made it became a boys’ club of sorts describing themselves as gurus or experts selling their tools and training programs for experts’ fees and they still are……….


He finally did it! He cracked the vault and conquered the shiny object to the tune of millions, he told me and thousands of others he now is enjoying the financial freedom to enjoy time with his family and wants to share in to help


And having accumulated an extensive amount of knowledge and experience on internet business, plus the financial freedom to back him up, he is on a mission……….

A mission he says to help many of us determined and needy willing to be teachable and to learn, willing to put in some work and invest in ourselves

He has done the challenging work has put in the time and far more resources than he will really tell

I could go on and on some more about his story, but I will leave it right here because

I would like you to meet him as well

Let him tell you himself about one of his important business resources

Go here to….

THE secret MONEY SYSTEM where you can begin to build up YOUR OWN

I am glad I did


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JOIN me through Email Let's Go - Let's Grow

I'd love to send you weekly content, tips and offers

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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