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the 14-day clean-eating-reset

The 14 Day Clean Eating Reset Guide

WARNING: This is not a diet. This is a plan to help you begin making cleaner eating habits to live a healthier lifestyle in only 2 weeks.

What’s Included?

A Complete Guide to Help You Create a Clean Eating Lifestyle in Just 14 Days

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the big booty blueprint

The BIG Booty Blueprint

This Blueprint is all about getting a BIG Booty

Complete Blueprint from A-Z



It contains all the elements necessary for getting a BIG Booty.

Based on research, experts and gym girls.


The Marvelous Midlife Method

This is a 12-Week Coaching Program that helped thousands of women get from the mess, overwhelmed and struggles into a marvelous midlife!

The Marvelous Midlife Method guides you to embrace and follow your body’s internal wisdom and stop self-sabotaging with ease, using your mind, body, and delicious mouthwatering food!

This Program Inspires women to…

  • Easily and Effectively Create the Body and Life they Love without Dieting
  • Implement the real secret to fill their life with joy and pleasure.
  • Find passion again when they feel exhausted.
  • Love their Life with Subtle Powerful and Simple Shifts.
  • Follow their Dreams and Become their Marvelous self!

Developing Stories Passionately

Priscilla Hudson is grateful to offer her first work of fiction to YOU caring and compassionate reader as an unrecommended Author, deeply impacted by her increased awareness of the existence of these children she began soul searching to make sense of it all with the resulting inspiring story which through the voices of fictional characters wishes to offer us all hope for this life and the next.

Join me in the journey

Get the Book

Hidden Angel is the compelling story of a child’s journey through the shadow lands of abduction survival and redemption and Madelaine is the child lost to her mother at a very young age.

hidden angel book

What Services I’m Providing

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients and colleagues from various backgrounds and expertise in banking office procedures and the business of residential real estate. These interactions have enriched my knowledge base, and I’m happy to offer some of this professional service today.

English to Spanish Translations

  • Correspondence
  • Legal Documents: Deeds, Affidavits, Others
  • Reports: Commercial, Personal, Real Estate Appraisals, Others

Creative Writing Translations

Literary work translated from English to Spanish and vice versa with considerable care taken to preserve the essence and intricacies of the original text.

Real Estate Advisory


We are glad to give Bahamas real estate service guidance that is specifically designed to deliver individualized attention to each and every customer, no matter where they are in the process.

We are BREA-licensed professionals.


Recreate Yourself Regardless of Age

Wearing several hats is not new for Priscilla, the writer, the blogger, the entrepreneur and realtor

Working with her is enjoyable and very productive

Christine Ingrid Johnson


priscilla hudson
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