Life is a flowing river with constant movement of different currents which should include the caring and nurturing of your soul, but in the hectic pace of daily living the essence of our being is usually the one neglected. While the soul is invisible to the physical world, it is still living inside us and needs particular attention care and nurture.

We are born with an innate desire to do well and to improve ourselves in everything we set out to do. Often, we do not stop to think how what we do affect us, and how that which we pursue influences us and saturates every part of our being. Although most of us realize there is the part of our being known as the soul, many of us still need to find ways to care for it.

Here are nine tips on how you care of that which is your soul:


Meditation as an exercise routine


Meditation as a routine has become extremely popular to achieve a better self. It brings your mind into focus and nurtures your soul, which becomes an important source of strength. It may also help you attain higher consciousness in a positive way.

Meditate regularly. Start by taking 15 minutes of your day to practice breathing exercises. In an area of your home, selected with this in mind, sit legs folded across and straight back, breath in and breath out slowly and comfortable. During this motion close your eyes and let all distractions fade away. Make this a daily routine and discover how you are better able to handle the day’s challenges.


Prayer to connect with God


Pray daily. If thus far you have no prayer in your daily routine, you may start taking 15 minutes each day to connect your soul and spirit to the greatest power, God. In return your soul will be deeply encouraged, the virtue of wisdom will grow, and love will increase starting within yourself and extending to those closest to you.

Prayer is a great source of power and strength.

Too Much Thinking turns a tiny Snow Flake into an Avalanche

You cannot solve all your problems all at once and all the time. Learn to take and deal with your problems one at a time, as in bite sizes. Life is about learning, discovering, and applying new things.

Life is also about embracing old knowledge you may benefit from because it may be useful and effective. Thinking too much about the problems that you are experiencing can sometimes result to more troubles with the usual resulting stress.


Learn to Forgive

This is a hurdle that when achieved will bring you rewards in refreshing ways. Relief and a new sense of leaving the past behind is among them as well as opening yourself for new prospects and opportunities because the soul and mind are now clearer. Like a clear blue sky.

Your soul cringes when remembering those who did you wrong, offended you, and hurt you, holding a grudge is easier but learning to forgive is better for you.

Forgiveness will set you free do away with negative feelings, resentment, anger, pain, and other unresolved unproductive issues.


Accept Your Imperfections

Is anyone perfect? Of course not. Others are not better than you. Each one of us have our own flaws.

To embrace our imperfections and accept ourselves as we are the beginning of learning how to improve ourselves to become better beings in a positive light. Our flaws too, make us individuals with space for improvement recognizing them aids in keeping us humble and understanding of others in a healthy kind of way.


Breakaway and Posses your own Space


For at least once a week, try to give yourself your own space. Disconnect yourself purposely from the routine, work, and work-related items, telephones, and computers, turn them off for a while. This time is for you, and you alone. If you have a partner, a spouse, a better half, do it together. Disconnect.

This is the best approach to unwind and take a break. You may also take a drive or a flight to a remote place where the environment is conducive to disconnect or at the very least view videos that will take you there (there are such videos in YouTube and other reputable media).

Listen to or play your favourite music and dance if you can, a good swing is enjoyable.


The Place of Less Resistance


There are people who waste a large amount of energy trying to become resistant to situations and to people whom they prefer to avoid. These situations are real and such type people as well.

Please fret not but encounter those you feel that are unfavourable to you, face them prepared mentally and emotionally realizing that neither of them is a permanent fixture in your life deal with them and leave them behind quickly.

Learn how to accept such things and determine how you can adapt or disregard them altogether.


Read Good Books and Feed Your Mind and Imagination


They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and let me add that good books are the food. Reading good books therefore need to feed your mind and grow your imagination.

Growing your imagination will expand your horizon beyond reality into a more creative self, opening your mind to new possibilities and abilities you may have to yet to discover.

Reading good books is also recreational picking your mind to live through imaginary characters brought to life and causing you to remember how it was to fall in love, be fearful, and feel glad about a happy conclusion.


Peace Within Self


Peace within directly nurtures your soul like rivers of fresh water flowing free to feed and cleanse your inner being resulting in a more compassionate you wishing to make people around you happier and more comfortable.

This is well and good but remember to always provide for yourself the same care of mind, body, and soul. Take responsibility for the loving care of your soul because when you do, you will deal with the issues of life when they come, from a position of strength.

The choices you make will direct your path and consequences, your thoughts may guide your behaviour and determine your needs and wants. Embrace life, a good and healthy life however possible, make it your goal.


Priscilla Hudson

(c) All Rights Reserved