Because tomorrow is promised to no one.


Each one of us at times have either witnessed loss of life or have suffered losing a loved one ourselves. This is a reality in front of us daily in fact it is part of life. The cycle of life as we understand it.

When this happens, many of us are forced to stop our daily pace to reflect even for a moment what that person meant to us and how he or she lived her life. Invariably it causes us to step back and realize how brief life really is hopefully impressing in us how we must learn to enjoy our life here and now and do it.

Let us look at these four points that may distract us much too often from doing it:

  • Lacking financial resources
  • Lacking a companion, spouse, good friend to do things with
  • Lack of available time
  • No motivation

Lacking Financial Resources

It is easy to fall into the state of mind of thinking that we are not able to enjoy ourselves because we lack funds to take a trip somewhere away from our routine and get into a different scenery. True taking a trip for recreation and rest is always a well anticipated undertaking with positive results.

However, we need to learn to take each day in our routine to appreciate the positive aspects of getting up from our bed each morning, taking a shower, brushing our teeth, dressing up for work, or errands, preparing our coffee and breakfast and then riding to work by car bus or by train.

The secret to discover is learning to live through each of these moments of our day placing our mental capabilities and emotions to enjoy each one just because we are living and breathing through each one. Not merely existing.

A complement to us if we share these moments with those meaningful persons in our life, those we love and form a prominent place in our nucleus.

Do not wait to have the financial resources to begin.

Lacking a companion, spouse, good friend to do things with

I know how lovely it can be sharing the moments of life with someone close and dear to our heart and how difficult it can be otherwise.

We are humans with emotions needs and wants similar in ways to what makes dogs man’s best friend, because we want to have a sense of belonging.

To come home after a day’s work and have someone close with whom to share how our day went, or simply someone to embrace, have conversations with, plan a meal, or have a meal with. Someone to attend the theatre, watch a film, travel with, and complain to.


Otherwise, how can I do these things?

Here is where those of us alone need to call unto our mental capabilities and creativity to do just these things I have listed and more.

Create for yourself a corner in the place you call home a setting that surrounds you with the colours you love, the textures you prefer, the books and magazines that transport you to the sceneries and places you would want to dream with and travel even if only in your mind.

Place there too fragrances and wares attractive to your senses and taste, like a set of fine porcelain to enjoy your favourite flavour of teas, biscuits and the like. And why not add music you enjoy for when you will need to distress.

Life alone can become quite enjoyable but for a lot of us, a little bit more planning is required while for others it will become more natural like the spring.

Be present for yourself.

Lack of Available Time

This is the usual reality for most of us unfortunately in most cases the increase in the cost-of-living puts added pressure in the number of hours we must work to generate our income.

Individual cases vary but under added pressure increased stress is the by product. Stress we know extremely well deprive us the sense of well-being creating the inability to relax while increasing our health risks.

Lack of available time must not become a banner under which we should place ourselves keeping us from seeking ways to enjoy life. Organize your calendar and prioritize activities which are simple enough to achieve weekly. A relax walk, a salsa class or jazz even if home alone, a fun film, a good night rest, etcetera.


No motivation

Lack of motivation usually present itself due to a sense of loss, loss of something and even a sense of loss of someone. When this is the case, a self-evaluation would be recommended and may be necessary. Why do I lack motivation? What makes me tick? Why am I not ticking?

Good questions to ask oneself. Are you in a rot because of job burnout? In need of achieving new goals perhaps? A broken relationship? Telling yourself, what is the point? Depressed?

We find ourselves on this curve at times in our lives, it can happen to us if we are breathing. The importance of it, is not to stay in this curve for too long. Analise your situation and identify the reason. Once you understand the why, move on to identify the how I overcome it.

Make every effort to overcome it, find sources of encouragement through inspirational messages, talking with someone you trust and respect, seeking professional advice, if necessary, get it off your chest with a close friend or loved one that will respect your privacy. Share wisely.

Give yourself a reasonable time to find your way back to motivation street. Once there explore new ways to enjoy the beauty in the simple things in life, the blooming flowers, the fresh brewed coffee with a chocolate covered croissant, the evening chamomile tea, a gym workout, that leisure walk, a warm and tight hug and watch how the sunny days return.

Life for us all may come with some complexities in varying degrees the secret worth pursuing is learning how best to live it while at the same time enjoying the journey.


Priscilla Hudson

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