Prosperity is synonyms of wealth, affluence, and riches the whole of humanity however superficial grasps what it means, the notion of it at least in worldly terms.

Millions of us desire to attain this prosperity, these riches to place ourselves in a level which would offer us a comfortable life and are willing to labour hard towards its achievement. But however simple it may sound there is no doubt we will agree it is one of the hardest accomplishments.

Achieving freedom in finances takes considerable effort and expertise it requires much more than just setting your mind to it contrary to what self-proclaimed gurus preach. They say “Just set your mind to it”

The financial aspect of prosperity is that it is one of the components, prosperity is much more complex because to be truly prosperous we need to dig in deeper adding a more valuable of these components which is the spiritual aspect of prosperity.

Read on open to reviewing the information presented here. Take what it says adding those insightful nuggets to your pouch of knowledge. Process it in your mind and apply it as you think is best in your own circumstances creating your own experiences.


Starting from a Basic


Spending less from what we earn in – Simple

This is a general rule of thumb to comprehend, isn’t it?

It means starting from a basic to build financial wealth and setting your mind to it, in other words, it is a basic mindset. A basic principle.

However simple it is worth to think it further.

There are individuals who think that mindset is about scrimping in saving dollars here and there in being frugal with some small items’ expenditures but fail to apply the principle in non-essential more expensive purchases.

Sacrifice buying vitamins and supplements for buying cosmetics and perfumes, buying a large flat TV over buying a needed washer. Not to mention buying a brand-new car from the dealership by taking a bank loan over buying an affordable older model.

It means planning carefully starting from the bottom and building up. It also means


Not Keeping Up with the Joneses


True sound financial mindset consists in always making the profit exceed the expenditure. Wear the old clothes a bit longer if essential; give up the new pair of gloves; fix the old dress: exist on plainer food if necessary; so that, under all conditions, unless an unexpected accident happens, there will be an allowance in favour of the profit.

Saving a dollar here and there adds up but it requires discipline planning goal setting. This is mindset. Evolving within this frame of mind. Learn it. Train it. Let it become part of you, you will discover there is more satisfaction in rational saving than irrational spending.


Diarise it


Keeping track of monthly expenditures is an excellent habit to keep if you already do it. To learn it if you have not been tracking them. A simple method I follow is to simply write in my annual dairy my household expenses: utilities, fees, services, maintenance, charity, out of pocket irregulars that from time to time arise.

When buying items like groceries, car gasoline, pharmacy even dining out, pay it with a debit card because it will show in the bank account where I can go and review if needed.

Adjust your entries to accommodate your circumstances. What is important is to track it. This is only a suggestion you can be as thorough or as sophisticated as you prefer. Simple works well for me.

Taming higher expenses versus Income is a greater challenge and using all the tools and ideas available to help achieve it its half the road ahead.


Unnecessary Debt


This speaks to our consumerism society where we find ourselves in with the tendency to borrow funds to accumulate non-essential items. This is unnecessary debt. I say accumulate because it is. Being a minimalist style fan has enlightened me to this wonderful sense of less is more.

Necessary debt translates into the need to borrow funds to invest into the purchase of our home, our economy style used vehicle. Getting more creative necessary debt sometimes is advisable when investing in an income producing asset like real estate. Here a careful review of terms would be useful and should only be acceptable after evaluating the risk thoroughly.

Therefore, avoid unnecessary debt. Do not live beyond your means. Plan for setbacks, emergencies and when these happen the ability to manage them financially will help greatly.


Tame Impulsive Buying


Impulsive buying is impulsive without planning, on the fly, how wonderful it feels to give in to our impulses, it gives us pleasure, it makes us happy. Until the bill arrives. We all have been there. It is difficult initially, but it can be tamed. See it not as a great denial to oneself, but as a goal, building upon blocks one may name “savings” “investments” “emergencies” Discover the satisfaction of accumulated results.


True Prosperity


True prosperity is much more than material wealth. Its arriving at a place of enjoying inner peace, a tranquil life, with the side benefits of material comfort.

Its multi-dimensional in that the greater component fills us with our spiritual wellbeing. Discovering a true spiritual source to nurture our soul, finding our way in the spiritual realm whereby our true joy, peace, happiness is not dependant upon that which is material.

The true source I speak of is none other than God Himself specifically through the Person of Jesus Christ. He described Himself in the Gospels to being the Light, the Bread of Life, the Vine, the Joy of the world, from Whom rivers of living water flow.

The spiritual fountain our true prosperity offers us the Way upwards in our circumstances, through our circumstances, despite our circumstances, because it reveals who we are and who we can be. From the moment we believe His message it can only get better to become truly prosperous.




If your faith centered source is found elsewhere, relax. God gave you the free will to believe differently.


Priscilla Hudson

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