Ride the Artificial Intelligence Wave? 

In recent months, I noticed, and perhaps you have as well, a sudden flow of information about Artificial Intelligence with various degrees of opinions coming from the public and from those who claim to know all about it.

As an affiliate marketer and a writer one can feel almost overwhelmed with the overflow of information weighing on not only about the pros and cons of it, but how best to embrace the opportunities afforded by this technology innovation.

How may I as an individual benefit, how may I quickly learn to use it to my advantage? As with the advent of the internet into the public domain many personal and business opportunities have been realized rewarding millions of users who were lucky enough and positioned to invest into the new online industry.

It’s been said that the twentieth century saw an explosion of knowledge and information, this will be true also of the twenty first century but magnified. Although we may marvel about Artificial Intelligence, we may nonetheless do so with a measure of hesitation wondering how this may affect humanity.

Already questions have been raised in certain employment sectors, writers for example are asking themselves will AI replace me? Similar concerns come when witnessing the rise of self-help automated grocery stores opening in some US markets. Music artists also test AI’s musical abilities and others showing us the successful reproduction of images and voice of well-known public figures that bear an exact resemblance of the original.

We then may ask ourselves, will human involvement become extinct in the face of Artificial Intelligence growth?

Though we have been living with Artificial Intelligence over the years at all economic levels of humanity perhaps without realizing it. Take for example smart phones, how smart these devices are knowing our search criteria offering back related options whether we are looking to buy a product or service. A similar result is found when using the computer.

Now this is true as well in our messaging and telephone conversation. Have you at times asked yourselves how your device feeds you back something you’re interested in?


It is inevitable that with the increased exposure of this type of Artificial Intelligence to the public, namely the Chat-GPT and the like, voices are quickly raising calling for the implementation of regulations for those companies involved in its manufacturing out of concerns for the risks that may leave users vulnerable.

We cannot ignore completely the voice of the likes of Elon Musk offer warnings on the risks AI may present or pay notice to the US Congress being urged to move quickly on AI legislation. Already in Europe the calls to regulate manufacturers and safeguard consumers are becoming increasingly louder.

Consumers the users

Artificial Intelligence is the new shining object, isn’t it?

Let’s face it without the risks we’re intrigued and excited with the possibilities of working with AI, making our workload lighter, more productive even creative with less effort.

Marketing efforts already underway promise limitless potential for businesses and individuals the software of tomorrow here today within our grasp.  For the many hours of labouring over creative writing I am most interested in finding an ear albeit artificial to prompt me with suggestions, insights and help with the written word, all for getting to my goal of a completed quality finished manuscript.

Businesses of all sorts continue to be challenged when it comes to online growth staying ahead of the curve because of competition and increased marketing costs and Artificial Intelligence offers a considerable window of opportunity that updates daily creating as well new employment opportunities to those trained in AI.

The internet has so evolved, it seems long ago from the days when we first glanced into cyber space through memorized codes to make it work, the blue screen monitor of a desktop computer coming to life with the ease of a click to enjoyable digital games like “Pac-Man” remember?

It moved with innovation fast forward at such speed many users of the old guard were left behind unable to keep up. Even now, it can be challenging but exciting learning the cons and pros of Artificial Intelligence, bringing the questions to an individual level about security, privacy, ethical behaviour of this artificial being.

A being which I understand has been fed enormous amounts of information to interact with us on demand. I am by no means an expert as I am still learning my way around it but am greatly appreciative of its potential and very curious. Aren’t you?

The Cons

  • AI has the potential to increase unemployment causing automation to replace a living breathing human being.
  • AI can make humans more vulnerable to privacy and security risks.
  • AI is devoid of human sensations and emotions.
  • AI is programmed to disclose information quickly, with preprogrammed feeding determining the information’s quality.
  • AI has the potential to create an unequal playing field by putting those without it at a disadvantage compared to those who do.

The Pros

  • Safety can be increased by way of using artificial intelligence in different manufacturing industries.
  • It can offer easier access to those living with disabilities, making their lives better.
  • AI can improve our quality of life and make daily tasks easier and more pleasurable while also enhancing our health.
  • Repetitive tasks can free up human resources to be used for other personal tasks.
  • AI is swift efficiency.
  • Operating AI is the difference between automatic or manual transmission.

Much remains to be learned about Artificial Intelligence, without doubt much is yet to come but while we may be supportive or skeptical one thing is true; Artificial Intelligence is the expression of the human brain at its finest.

Use it for the good of humanity and we’re blessed, use it for evil and we’ll be cursed. The first mentioned above all must be our goal.

Meanwhile, let’s keep improving on a personal level while navigating and learning more about Artificial Intelligence.

Harness the power, yes, or no?


Priscilla Hudson

©All rights reserved.