There is a general agreement among health professionals and members of the public that cultivating superior sleeping habits is beneficial for the body and mind. The benefits gained have been proven, they enhance the overall health of an individual. People should live fulfilled in all areas of their lives. How are you in this department?

Living healthy is a habit worth learning, a healthy diet and regular exercise are two key factors and so is to sleep well and long enough, a minimum 7 hours is usually the prescribed amount, give or take your own body and age bears influence, and the best sleep takes place during the night hours. The human brain functions best this way.

Without delving too deep into the scientific evidence available one can observe that we are creatures of habit made to shine during the daylight and grow opaque to sleep during the night.

Notice how you feel after lack of sleep? Tiresome and underperformed, irritable impatient even. This translates into the rest of your day until you catch up.

Take those hours to catch up the following night or when possible. As soon as your body begins to signal it needs it. Take a nap. You will wake up refreshed after only a 30-minute nap. Your brain sends the signal to the rest of your body enabling you to fall into the sensation of heavy eye leads foggy brain and a general sense of sleepiness.


Take it from the Spanish culture.

The Latin American culture which by extension follows the Spanish culture have for ages practiced taking a “Siesta” in the middle of the day, typically shortly after having lunch. Time is set aside for this endeavour, and it is generally understood and accepted.

However, with the changing times and the demands made by a faster working pace, there are many among this group no longer able to practice this highly beneficial habit. Although I understand there are Europeans who still adhere to the practice of having a siesta and enjoying late hours dining.

Regardless of culture I believe having a siesta is worth emulating wherever possible because the benefits outweigh well over the disadvantages. Additionally, this practice can aid in lowering stress levels. A well-rested mind means a well-rested body better able to deal with stress.


Talking of Stress Levels

In addition to that, it keeps a person protected from various kinds of harmful sleep disorders that are not too easy to treat and can destroy the excellent health status of an individual in an instant when not treated properly.

Cultivating good habits to assist in managing stress levels is key be purposeful in your objective to prepare for bed at night, turning off radios, televisions, smartphones, by a certain hour. Let your brain settle down, unwind, calm down from the day’s activities and the memories stored from each hour lived.

Even the best productive hours of a day can cause our brain to continue calculating, reviewing discussing regretting with self well into the night adding to a stressful feeling of unrest.


What about Prescription Medicines

There is usually no need for prescribed medication to aid with sleep after good habits are developed is easy to achieve reliable results without chemicals.

However, when necessary if you must look for natural ingredients alternatives always. Including herbal teas made for this purpose, melatonin that work naturally with your sleeping cycle which will not create dependency.

Chemicals have side effects long term this is true for all medications whereby they offer temporary help at the expense of other organs in this case adding potential harm through toxins in the brain. The safest and most effective alternative is cultivating good sleeping patterns.

In this article, you will learn the most effective ways on how to achieve a relaxing bedtime routine with these Steps:

  • Establish a regular or fixed bedtime schedule.
  • Learn to manage your time properly (during the day, rest is for the night)
  • Allow yourself listening to relaxing type music for about an hour before
  • Turning off all electronic devices by 9:30 pm nightly
  • Give thanks to God for the day lived and the hours of rest ahead

(a grateful heart brings inner peace and comfort)

Add to these steps what you find helps you as you grow your good sleeping habit. Remember the old saying: Practice makes perfect.


Priscilla Hudson


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