Having someone looking over your shoulder who has gained first-hand experience and has the time and the interest to share his expertise is invaluable.

In other words, having a Mentor, if you are fortunate in this way would be an asset to yourself and your business.

Begin by reviewing who you have in your life that could be a Mentor, he or she may be a relative, an acquaintance, a former schoolmate, someone in the local community; someone you respect and trust.

This may not always be possible; you may contemplate your horizon but identify no one fitting the Mentor’s description.

You may wonder, what is the next best thing?

This brings us back to the topic of this conversation “The Fastest Way To Build an Online Business” consider the following suggestions:


Research online about people involved with the practice of online internet business and have a proven track record of his or her accomplishments.

You will find that usually, these individuals have educational material derived from years of doing business and are willing to walk with you and teach you the ropes as a Mentor.

Save a few of the profiles, and research the information found in more depth to identify the type of material and completeness of their program(s) before making a decision.

Exercise caution in determining which program(s) to join, not all programs are created equal, many wannabe experts attach high ticket prices to their programs with unsatisfactory results.

In this instance, the old saying remains true. Trust but Verify.

Consider Using social media for Research.

Use social media, the likes of Facebook to join groups, learn about the program from members’ comments and feedback.


Be prepared to do some training and learning from the material and tools you will need to set up your new online business.

Laying the foundation of knowledge and resources is necessary for any type of business, an online business is no different.

Review your financial resources and your goals, this will help you determine the availability of your starting capital.

Set your goals, review your goals as you reach each step of the process to going live.



Partnering with your new Mentor and following his or her lead through example and educational material will save you time.

Learn how to find and use the tools that best help you, this will contribute to improving your chances for success.

Everything in your mind will begin to click and click in the right direction, once you understand the process involved.

Discover those “aha” moments, others who have been there, often talk about.

The difference will be that, this time; these “aha moments” will be yours to build you up and your online business.

Investing in education and training, partnering with others will help you learn how to save money, much-needed time, and plain and simple frustration.

Self-development and growth should be ongoing.

Be determined, and Never Give Up


Priscilla Hudson