But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint. (Isaiah 40: 31)


It has been a few years now when I had to accompany a friend of mine to conduct a task, I wish not on anyone. Her only daughter had died at sixteen years of age in a car accident, although she had been kept alive for nearly a month through an artificial life support, my friend waited praying for a healing miracle, but after days rolled out without change and after a tremendous emotional struggle and soul searching, her mother had finally agreed to let her go. She (her mother) arrived at the place of peace.

I helped my friend as we walked through the door of the funeral home where she needed to make all the arrangements, my friend’s whole body trembled laboring hard to take each step forward, I felt her hesitation but could only imagine her agony. Nevertheless, I kept holding her the whole way through to complete the process.

This time will live forever in my memories, still difficult to grasp to this day, and even though my friend tries to move on, I know she lives with the pain. How can one who has lost so much truly surrender into the loving arms of our Lord Jesus and take hold of this promise.

Our own words of comfort can only be a band-aid to a deep and open wound, if at that; for only the words of our Lord and Saviour can reach deeply into the wounded soul. He alone has the power, love, and compassion to fill us with peace in our suffering especially when we are in despair.


God Alone

God alone understands our pain through our loss, and He alone can mend us, repair us, and help us accept, if we let him; he will help us discover a new strength in him and make us able to sing a new song with tears in our eyes.

Have you now or in the past, experience deep and painful losses in your life? Please accept that you need him to carry you through and tell him everything holding in your heart, ask him to help you, He will without fail.

Priscilla Hudson

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